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Here at Tazzy, we’re on a mission to create damn delicious candy that leaves you feeling good. For us feeling good is more than just physical health. It’s about feeling confident in your own skin, living a life on your own terms, and fully expressing yourself. Too often the rules of society — what’s deemed good and what’s deemed bad — ends up dulling our lights and pulling us farther away from living our truth.

That’s why we created Tazzy, a low sugar full flavor candy brand that champions living out loud and honoring the uniqueness we all behold. We deliver low sugar candy with unique flavors that awaken your tastebuds. We’re unapologetically bold, spunky, and sometimes a bit too much, but hey, we like it that way. Whether you’re a cool kid, a misfit, an outcast, or trying find yourself, we’ve got a spot for you.
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NEW! Sour strawberry

Meet our gal, Sour Strawberry Hard Candy

We can’t say enough good things about sour strawberry. She’s delightfully sweet, with a slightly sour side, but always fun and fruity.

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