Our Give-Back

Tazzy's Give-Back Program was inspired by two friends, Jacquie and Kerry, who were diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer (Stage IV) in 2020. The team developed a strong partnership with these two women and METAvivor, a non-profit organization dedicated to MBC research and awareness.

METAvivor is the only organization that solely funds MBC research through a scientific peer review process.

1% of Tazzy's annual net revenue is donated to METAvivor each year.

Over 35% of all breast cancer patients will metastasize, but only 2-5% of research funding goes to metastatic breast cancer.

Meet Jacquie and Kerry

Jacquie is a wife, daughter, sister, and mother of three. She is an avid biker, a wildlife enthusiast, a retired lacrosse coach, a devoted fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, and a lover of all things LSU Tigers.
Kerry is a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and fiancée. She loves working out and cooking healthy, organic meals for her friends and family. Her nails are always painted a bright, cheery color, and she loves a spa night with friends.