Watermelon Lollipops

Less Sugar*
Only 6 Ingredients
Colored with Vegetable Juice
No Sugar Alcohol
No Stevia
No Monk Fruit
Product Description +-

3-Pack of Watermelon Lollipops

*48% less sugar than the leading unfilled lollipop. 

Made with just 6 ingredients, like organic cane sugar, for a treat bursting with mouthwatering flavor. This 3-pack has a total of about 36 individually wrapped pops.

Ingredients +-

• Brown Rice Syrup

• Tapioca Fiber

• Organic Cane Sugar

• Citric Acid

• Natural Flavors

• Vegetable Juice (Color)

Flavor Indicator +-

48% Less Sugar*

*than the leading unfilled lollipop product.

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